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You choose items from this menu to open items(such as desk accessories)that you have placed in the apples menu items folderand to get information about programmes that are currently running("about. The source editor relies on the osacompile shell tool to compile scripts. Items included here are the type of card,the location of its driver,if present,the byte lanes it will use to communicate with other nubus devicesand slot resource data. Ethernet:A type of connection over a network which allows for very fast data transfer.

These can be moved or modified in shape. Not compatible with compact discs. Basically anything that isn hard drive:A high speed magnetic drive composed of a series of stacked platters which can large amounts of information.

apple computer logo info: Megahertz(mhz):A unit of speed when discussing how fast a computerized runs. Disk server another name for a large disk,usually a multi-megabyte winchester. Note that "executing" a branch simply means to continue fetching from a location than the current sequential stream implies. The scrapbook can multiple images.

Com steve vendors/online stores bigmac bottom line online clubmac deal- discount software from wmp-software for up to 80%off suggested retail macconnection macgalaxy macinfind. Printer port:A port of the back of the macintosh marked with a small printer.