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apple logo, and more. The finder is what you see when you start up your computer. The amount of level 1 cache varies among the powerpc chips,and you cannot upgrade it. Data can be read many times. )F finder the application programme that maintains the macintosh desktop and starts up other programmes at your request.

If the original files on your hard disk are lost or damaged,you can use these backup disks to restore your files. Analogous to the system software on the . When the first instruction of a predicted path reaches the decode stage(that is,the bottom of the pre-fetch pipe),and the condition is not yet known,the branch processor will stall,waiting for an indication of whether its prediction was correct. Modem port:A port in the back of the macintosh which is usually connected to a printer(if there is one available),but can connected to any suitable device.

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High density disk(hd):This floppy disk has a smaller track size than other disks. Stands for apples desktop bus(where a bus is something that transmits data from one device to another). Open scripting architecture(osa)an api for compiling and executing scripts,and for creating scripting components. Since apples uses t- to reward employees for their hard work and effort,each t-shirt meant something special for employees and ex-employees and were "worn like a badge of courage",according to the author.

Network:A series of connected computers and peripherals which are able to communicate with each other.

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