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Featuring apple logo and superior apple stickers. This site provides a help articles, tutorials and other support resources about These have no user interface and are located in the extensions folder in the system folder. Applescript source code editor a project builder pane for editing and compiling applescript script files(files with the extension ". Apples menu the menu at the left end of the menu bar,indicated by the apples . System file a software file required for starting up the .

Each handler is listed as a call frame. Read only memory:The section of memory in which essential pieces of system software permanently stored. Level 2 cache level 2 cache is separate from the processor and it is typically upgradeable. Data can be read many times.

Laser(light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation)produces coherent light by exciting molecules of pure chemical substance. This can render it unreadable and thus lose the data stored on it. However,in the 601,only branch instructions are processed by the branch processor. Each build phase deals with one category of source or resource files(e.

Word processor:A program designed to create text documents. You can link to a program on a remote computerized and use it. Slave device at a given time,a device that responds to a transaction. Striction:A problem which occurs in hard drives in which the reading head touches the media,causing errors or damage.

Dynamic link:A type of link used on the pcs which allows the computerized to use software on a remote server without specifying a drive name for it.

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