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apple mouse pad, and more. Project file a file created by project builder that organizes source code,resources,and settings used to build a product. Branch instruction processing:The branch processor in powerpc(as in power)"executes" all branch instructions. Configuration rom(also declaration rom)a 1m portion of the minor slot space. Note that "executing" a branch simply means to continue fetching from a location than the current sequential stream implies.

Central processing unit:Also known as the cpu,it is the brain of the computerized where all computations are made. Apples event manager provides an api for sending and receiving apples events and working with the information they contain. This allows the stations to work together remotely. Local area network:Also known as a lan.

System file a software file required for starting up the . Byte:A unit of information consisting of a fixed number of bits(usually 8)which represents one character. Can be accompanied by a sound or picture. Backtrace a list of the handlers that have been invoked at any point in a script execution.

apple mouse pad

System 7:The operating system on the macintosh which replaced system 6,adding many new features and functionality. Word processor:A program designed to create text documents. When a branch is detected early enough,the pipe can be refilled before it would run "dry". Lba is the method that drive manufacturers have adopted in order to go beyond the 520 mb dos-bios limit.

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