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Featuring apple mouse pad and superior apple think different posters. e-mail your inquiry to us and we will be happy to assist you. In general,all fixed point instructions execute in one clock,and the result of the operation is immediately avaiable to a successive instruction. In the 601,this translates into a general rule that branches which are separated by at least two non-branch instructions will execute without branch-induced delays. Chooser a programme that lets you designate devices such as printers and shared disks on a network for your macintosh to use. The current version of this is system 7.

They can usually hold 512 bytes. Control panels:A program which allows you to change your macintosh environment within its user interface. Each icon corresponds to a single file located in the disk directory. Startup disk:The disk which contains the active system software loaded at startup.

It is particularly suited to homes and classrooms. At ease software that lets you use a macintosh without using the finder interface. Worm(write once-read many)removable optical media which accept new data only once. They may be removed with virus removal programs.

Minor slot space(also slot space)a portion of memory within the nubus address space from $f000 0000 to $ffff ffff. Cvs the concurrent version system,a source-code control system that project builder can use to manage changes in source code over time and across multiple developers. Kilobyte(k):A unit of information consisting of 1024 bytes. Read only memory:The section of memory in which essential pieces of system software permanently stored.

Megabyte(m,meg):A unit of information consisting of 1024 kilobytes. The view of the window can be moved by clicking on the box in it,the arrows at the end,on the grey scrolling area. Usually can be done with. Requires varying rotation speeds as the radius of the track changes.

Slave device at a given time,a device that responds to a transaction.

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