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Note that all floating point loads and stores require processing by the fixed point processor(for address computation and translation). However,sequences of adds,subtracts and multiplys which can overlap their computations so that no dependencies are within the 3 clock latency will execute at 1 per clock. Additionally,it can perform functions similar to those associated with electronic mail:It can lock a file from a user and,while one user has a file open,it can allow read access but not write access to other users. Cylinder:Two or more tracks which lie on the same location on a disk.

Link:A connection between two computers. Server:A computerized which you can connect to remotely and use the files stored there. Cvd(compact video disc)full-motion video definition from socs research.

apple mouse pad info: Printer:A peripheral used to make hard copies of documents. The ip stands for internet protocol. (A complete description of address translation appears as a separate section in this document). Cd-rom(compact disc-read-only media)defines data storage and error detection and correction on compact disk.

Applescript a scripting system that allows users to directly control macintosh applications,including the os itself,by creating sets of english-like instructions,or scripts. Desktop:The macintosh working environment consisting of the menu bar and background on the screen.