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Portfolios, Journals and More - apple pens. assist you. Read about apple pens here. Thus,conditional branches will incur extra delay if they are not to one of the 4 most recently used pages. Alert box:A box that appears on the screen when there is an error or a warning message. Requires varying rotation speeds as the radius of the track changes. Toner cartridge:A cartridge in laser printers which contains the toner(ink).

These have no user interface and are located in the extensions folder in the system folder. Single density disk(sd):A disk on which data is stored on only one side of the media. Zip disk:A 100 mb or 250 mb portable storage medium. N non-branches powerpc includes a group of instructions which primarily operate upon the condition register.

Disk server another name for a large disk,usually a multi-megabyte winchester. Target a subdivision of a project builder project that is responsible for building one product. These have no user interface and are located in the extensions folder in the system folder. Scroll bar:The grey bars at the side of some windows.

Information property list a special property list that contains predefined keys for application information that may be used by the finder,by other applications,and by the application itself.

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Items included here are the type of card,the location of its driver,if present,the byte lanes it will use to communicate with other nubus devicesand slot resource data. Word processor:A program designed to create text documents. Byte:A unit of information consisting of a fixed number of bits(usually 8)which represents one character. (The term unified means that the cache is shared between code and data.

Applescriptkit framework supplies advanced cocoa scripting support and other features required by applescript studio.

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