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Featuring apple pens and superior apple store. Rare Macintosh Clothing, Hats, Sweatshirts and more Paste:To transfer the contents of the clipboard into the current document. Preferences folder:A folder in the system folder which contains the preferences files for applications. Help menu:The menu to the right of the application menu in the menu bar. Cylinder:Two or more tracks which lie on the same location on a disk.

It creates the desktop and keeps track of the files on the disk. Com-large macos software search engine macdirectory-searchable macintosh software database macupdate. Pit "bump" on inner surface of compact disc. Cd-rom(compact disc-read-only media)defines data storage and error detection and correction on compact disk.

Mastering the process of creating the "golden" disc,which is then used to create copies for use in compact disc manufacture. Product an application or framework produced by project builder. For applescript studio,the executable is the product. Cd-i(compact disc-interactive)proposal that includes a compact disc file structure definition.

Applescript studio projects usually have only one target. Deployment build style a methodology of creating a product from a target that makes the product more appropriate for distribution to users. Target a subdivision of a project builder project that is responsible for building one product. Event handler a handler that responds to an action in an applescript studio application.

)The cache is normally run in "-in"(copyback). This is read only memory,so they cannot be used for storage. Title bar:The bar containing the title,close,and expand boxes at the top of a window.

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