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Hardware help-post your hardware support questions here macos help-operating system questions and discussion news&rumors-heard any good rumors lately?Ftp sites flight sim ian backgrounds ftp site list wolfenstein 3d games and entertainment a farewell to kings-a totally unique and original concept in solitaire all the best macgames ambrosia software castle chaos-turn-based fantasy adventure game game of the winds-solitaire mahjongg board game gamegrabber. Comm server an intelligent controller for communicating with other systems or networks over a telecommunications link.

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You may have seven files or programs open at the same time here. The 601 uses pre-fetching to attempt to keep ahead of the execution units. It facilitates communication between network devices,such as your computers,file serversand printers,which may be a mixture of apples and non-apples products.

apple posters

If the two are compatible the file will be opened within the application. Info window an interface builder window for setting both attributes and connections for the associated user interface object. Droplet a script application that launches when you drag a file or folder icon in the finder and "drop" it on the droplet folders or files dropped on it and typically performs operations on each item in the list. Dictionary browser see terminology browser.

Control panels programmes that let you change various macintosh features,such as sound,mousy movement and keyboard options. Stands for apples desktop bus(where a bus is something that transmits data from one device to another). In the 601,assuming that the data is aligned and in the cache,one "extra" clock is required to load the register with the correct data. Lock:This prevents the locked item from being changed.

The gateway involves conversions for speed,protocoland limited file formats. For example,a script can send a stop command to a progress indicator object. Cd-rom cd-audio industry standard for compact disc player hardware,compact disc mediaand level 1 error correction and detection.

apple posters