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Once You Go Mac - apple shirts. Must see to believe. Read about apple shirts here. Current ide capable macintosh systems support ide drives that include a feature called logic block addressing(lba). Information on the clipboard can be pasted into documents. Megabyte(m,meg):A unit of information consisting of 1024 kilobytes. Modem port:A port in the back of the macintosh which is usually connected to a printer(if there is one available),but can connected to any suitable device.

Icon a small pictorial representation of a file,disk,menu,option,or other object or feature. Applescript object a distinct object in an application or its documents that can be specified in a script. Can hold up to 800k. These are located in the system suitcase until system 7.

Billboards and free advertising for the company. Supports 200mb of cd-rom information and five minutes of full-motion video in laserdisk format. You use it to manage documents and programmes and to get information to and from disks. Control panels are located inside the system folder.

Dictionary browser see terminology browser. Multply and divide instructions actually "stall" in the execute stage of the fixed point processor,thereby preventing execution of any following fixed point instructions until they complete.

apple shirts:

See also apples menu items folder. Each card must include information within this space to identify itself to the macintosh ii at startup. Usually this is used when downloading files from a remote server(not over a local network). :The hand-held input device used to control the cursor.

As well as being a computerized industry standard,pci provides high performance. The controlling software on most pcs.

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