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This is read only memory,so they cannot be used for storage. Wide area network:Also known as a wan. Soap(simple object access protocol)a remote procedure call protocol designed for a distributed environment,where a server may consist of a hierarchy of objects whose methods can be called over the internet. Applescript studio projects usually have only one target.

Mount:Gaining access to a drive for use. Not compatible with compact discs. You use the chooser to mount the public servers. Bridge a way for two appletalk networks to communicate via a direct connection.

For example,a script can send a stop command to a progress indicator object.

apple shirts info: In the 601,assuming that the data is aligned and in the cache,one "extra" clock is required to load the register with the correct data. Reflects laser light back to sensor. Control panels are located inside the system folder. Double density disk(dd):A floppy disk which may contain data on both side of the media.

Information on the clipboard can be pasted into documents.