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In the 601,only one "predicted" conditional branch can be "outstanding" at any time. Soap(simple object access protocol)a remote procedure call protocol designed for a distributed environment,where a server may consist of a hierarchy of objects whose methods can be called over the internet. Analogous to the system software on the . Adb port:The port located in the back of the computerized where the keyboard and/or the mousy is plugged in.

Each slot is assigned 16m of memory beginning at $fs000000,where s is the card physical slot location.

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This consists of a number of computers linked together in a relatively small area. )F finder the application programme that maintains the macintosh desktop and starts up other programmes at your request. Pit "bump" on inner surface of compact disc.

apple shirts

(A complete description of address translation appears as a separate section in this document). (A complete description of address translation appears as a separate section in this document). This allows the computerized to connect to remote computers(also so equipped)over normal telephone lines. Single density disk(sd):A disk on which data is stored on only one side of the media.

According to thygeson,size on your employment application. Build directory the file system directory in which built products are stored. When you open an alias you are actually opening the original. When the first instruction of a predicted path reaches the decode stage(that is,the bottom of the pre-fetch pipe),and the condition is not yet known,the branch processor will stall,waiting for an indication of whether its prediction was correct.

Also known as the red book. Floating point processor the floating point processor executes all of the floating point instructions of powerpc. G gateway a way for appletalk to communicate with another type of network through a direct connection between both types. The scrapbook can multiple images.

Additionally,it can perform functions similar to those associated with electronic mail:It can lock a file from a user and,while one user has a file open,it can allow read access but not write access to other users.

apple shirts