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White and Multi-colored for sale - apple stickers. Unique Macintosh Accessories and services at bargain price. Read about apple stickers here. Desktop your working environment when you are using the finder interfaces on the (the menu bar and the background area on the screen),on which you work with icons and windows. Sector:The small "pieces" into which a disk is divided. Can be caused by a bad sector. Title bar:The bar containing the title,close,and expand boxes at the top of a window.

Single density disk(sd):A disk on which data is stored on only one side of the media. Command key:The button on the keyboard with the open apples and command symbol pictures on it. Scsi(small computerized systems interface)a specification of mechanical and electrical standards for connecting certain peripheral devices(such as cd-rom drives,external storage drives and scanners)to a . That is,instruction pre-fetching will be attempted along a path(taken vs.

Cocoa user interface class a class that supports a user interface item. Each build phase deals with one category of source or resource files(e. This consists of a number of computers linked together in a relatively small area. Lock:This prevents the locked item from being changed.

apple stickers:

Processor:The part of the cpu which performs the computations directed by the software. 1 This was used to fonts as well. Located in the control panels folder in the system folder. Scripting addition code,stored in/system/library/systemadditions,that makes additional commands or coercions available to scripts on the same .

Coprocessor:A chip on the motherboard of a computerized designed to relieve the load on the main processor by handling specific functions(such as rigorous mathematical tasks)copy:Puts a copy of selected text or graphics into the clipboard.

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