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apple stickers, and more. Virus:Also known as a trojan horses or worms. The controlling software on most pcs. Interface builder a graphical user interface editor for creating interfaces for cocoa,carbon,and applescript studio applications. Pit "bump" on inner surface of compact disc.

Processor:The part of the cpu which performs the computations directed by the software. Appletalk network a comprehensive network system that runs on a variety of cable systems and protocols. Folder a container for documents,programmes,as well as other folders on the desktop or in directory windows. Printer:A peripheral used to make hard copies of documents.

Users control allocation via a master disk. Several elements make up an appletalk network system:Appletalk software and appletalk hardware;the latter includes computing components and connectivity components. Optical media any data storage device that operates using light to retrieve and/or write data to storage medium.

apple stickers

Ethernet:A type of connection over a network which allows for very fast data transfer. A floating point add or subtract can be "issued" every clock,as long as its sources are available. The important timing number of loads is its "latency". These are located in the system suitcase until system 7.

These are located in the system suitcase until system 7. A scripting component provides services for compiling and executing scripts(and relies on the open scripting architecture(osa).

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