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Drag and drop:Using the mousy to drag a file to an application and drop it there. Cd-v(compact disc-video)definition for full-motion video on ntsc. O operating system software that co-ordinates the internal activities of the computerized and its peripheral devices. Pathname:The name of a file or folder listed with all parent folders.

Prodos the operating system for apples ii computers. They can usually hold 512 bytes. Application menu:The menu located at the far left of the menu bar whose icon changes to the one of the current application. Inits are located in the system folder(or in folders in the system folder).

Script suite the combination of at least one suite definition and one suite terminology that together define the scripting capabilities and terminology for cocoa and applescript studio applications.

apple stickers info: Help menu:The menu to the right of the application menu in the menu bar. However,as mentioned above,the 601 also executes most of the non-branch instructions described in the powerpc branch processor chapter. Cocoa user interface object an instance of a cocoa user interface class. It prints documents by running the paper over a drum which has the image of the document on it.