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When this is active a "balloon" appears over some items when the arrow is over it which may contain some helpful information. The application kit provides many of these classes;for example,nsbutton and nsbrowser are cocoa user interface classes provided by the application kit. Paste:To transfer the contents of the clipboard into the current document. It creates the desktop and keeps track of the files on the disk.

It facilitates communication between network devices,such as your computers,file serversand printers,which may be a mixture of apples and non-apples products.

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Decnet and wangnet are examples of other types of networks. O operating system software that co-ordinates the internal activities of the computerized and its peripheral devices. Major slot space(also superslot space)a portion of memory in the address range $9000 0000 to $f000 0000.

apple stickers

X software extension that lets you play synchronised video and sound clips on your macintosh. One could speak of the platform or the unix platform). Preferences folder:A folder in the system folder which contains the preferences files for applications. Double density disk(dd):A floppy disk which may contain data on both side of the media.

Local area network:Also known as a lan. They became part of the development process--defining teams with symbols or slogans. Applescript studio application a os x application that combines applescript scripts and cocoa user-interface objects. Peripheral:A device connected to and used by the .

This is the full name which the computerized uses for a folder or a file. A small program designed to add features to your system. All of the other "branch processor" instructions are actually executed by either the fixed point processor or the "sequencer". This is done in the applications menu.

Model-view-controller(mvc)a programming paradigm in which the view is responsible for part of the application visible on screen,the model represents the application the controller interprets user input and specifies changes to the model and the view.

apple stickers