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Featuring apple store and superior apple shirts. In-depth answers to your questions. The exceptions to this rule are loads(discussed below),multiplies(which take 5 clocks for short results and 9 clocks for long)and divides(which take up to 36 clocks). If the two are compatible the file will be opened within the application. A special drive is needed to read them. Land flat area on inner surface of compact disc.

Zone:A location in the network(corresponding to a location on campus)where a machine is located. By using this cache,the processor can access frequently-requested data more quickly. Startup disk:The disk which contains the active system software loaded at startup. You choose items from this menu to open items(such as desk accessories)that you have placed in the apples menu items folderand to get information about programmes that are currently running("about.

Appleshare:A chooser extension which allow the to connect to remote servers. You can lock disks,files and programs. Model-view-controller(mvc)a programming paradigm in which the view is responsible for part of the application visible on screen,the model represents the application the controller interprets user input and specifies changes to the model and the view. Dictionary browser see terminology browser.

Chooser extension:An extension whose icon appears in the chooser(such as appletalk,laserwriter). Coprocessor:A chip on the motherboard of a computerized designed to relieve the load on the main processor by handling specific functions(such as rigorous mathematical tasks)copy:Puts a copy of selected text or graphics into the clipboard. Apples logosthink apples apples apples apples t- apples apples computerized logosapples apples t- apples mousy padding apples apples .

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