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apple stuff, and more. Bit:The smallest unit of information a computerized can hold. Appleshare:A chooser extension which allow the to connect to remote servers. Applescript studio projects create an application as a product. )The cache is normally run in "-in"(copyback).

Accesses to addresses not contained in the mini-tlb will not be attempted until the branch is known to be taken. Floating point processor the floating point processor executes all of the floating point instructions of powerpc. Plans for extending the bus include support for 64-bit extensions and a higher clock speed across the bus. Laser(light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation)produces coherent light by exciting molecules of pure chemical substance.

Also known as a dictionary browser. Adb port:The port located in the back of the computerized where the keyboard and/or the mousy is plugged in.

apple stuff

Can also be used as a storage area in the same way a folder can. It is the specifications for which most and some pc peripherals are connected. Prompt:A cursor at which you can enter in commands or additional information. In the 601,this translates into a general rule that branches which are separated by at least two non-branch instructions will execute without branch-induced delays.

Byte:A unit of information consisting of a fixed number of bits(usually 8)which represents one character.

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