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Deployment build style a methodology of creating a product from a target that makes the product more appropriate for distribution to users. A floating point divide stalls the entire unit. For example,if one has a "dependent" operation,how many extra clocks are required. Sad icon:A frowning icon which appears along with a tone at startup.

Folder a container for documents,programmes,as well as other folders on the desktop or in directory windows. Executable an application that uses a project that product.

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Wide area network:Also known as a wan. Zip disk:A 100 mb or 250 mb portable storage medium. Mail which is sent over a network in data form. Bus master at a given time,the bus device that initiates a transaction.

apple stuff

However,any ide drive that is going to be used on macintosh computers must support logical block addressing(lba). Model-view-controller(mvc)a programming paradigm in which the view is responsible for part of the application visible on screen,the model represents the application the controller interprets user input and specifies changes to the model and the view. Apples menu items folder:A folder in the system folder which contains the items in the apples menu(such as the chooser,other desk accessories). Scsi(small computerized systems interface)a specification of mechanical and electrical standards for connecting certain peripheral devices(such as cd-rom drives,external storage drives and scanners)to a .

Pci offers significantly higher performance than nubus,the bus architecture used in previous macintosh models. Megabyte(m,meg):A unit of information consisting of 1024 kilobytes. S scrapbook a desk accessory in which you can save frequently-used graphics,textand sounds. Fixed point processor the fixed point processor is primarily intended to execute the fixed point instructions of powerpc.

In general,all fixed point instructions execute in one clock,and the result of the operation is immediately avaiable to a successive instruction. )F finder the application programme that maintains the macintosh desktop and starts up other programmes at your request.

apple stuff