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Drag and drop:Using the mousy to drag a file to an application and drop it there. 6,X server,or virtualpc:Find out who comes out on top!Development how to program your -lots of references to learn to program the macintosh documentation 13 idol undoc macintosh-undocumented tips&easter eggs employment mactech job listings/resources available emulation 2600 rom image page arcade emulation for macos-playstation,nes/snes,atari 2600,c64,&macmame emulation. Icon a small pictorial representation of a file,disk,menu,option,or other object or feature. Basically anything that isn hard drive:A high speed magnetic drive composed of a series of stacked platters which can large amounts of information.

This address assignment is not enforced;cards may use more than 256m of space,as long as addressing conflicts do not occur between slots.

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Done prior to mastering disc. Also known as the green book. A conversion for speed occurs;there are no conversions for protocol or file format. Floating point processor the floating point processor executes all of the floating point instructions of powerpc.

Ethernet:A type of connection over a network which allows for very fast data transfer. Desktop your working environment when you are using the finder interfaces on the (the menu bar and the background area on the screen),on which you work with icons and windows.

apple think different posters

Also,device with the ability to initiate a nubus transaction by asserting the start*line. The source editor relies on the osacompile shell tool to compile scripts. Applescript studio a development environment and application framework that combines features from applescript,project builder,interface builder,and the cocoa application framework to provide a sophisticated environment for creating applescript studio applications. Drag and drop:Using the mousy to drag a file to an application and drop it there.

Sort of like school sports teams!Ex-employees,a trip down memory lane!You the first macintosh computers;the powerbooks and other insanely great . It facilitates communication between network devices,such as your computers,file serversand printers,which may be a mixture of apples and non-apples products. The current version of this is system 7. Balloon help menu:See help menu.

Net-guide to other system emulators for the mac95-make windows 95 look like a vmac- plus emulation for windows,unix,&os/2 file archives download zone-for users who need basic software for new macintosh computerized download. The fixed point processor also performs all address translation. Accesses to addresses not contained in the mini-tlb will not be attempted until the branch is known to be taken. Background:Any processes taking place which are not directly controlled by the current application are in the background.

See also apples menu items folder. Information property list a special property list that contains predefined keys for application information that may be used by the finder,by other applications,and by the application itself. Can also be used as a storage area in the same way a folder can. Inits are located in the system folder(or in folders in the system folder).

System file a software file required for starting up the . Laserwriter:A high speed,high resolution,networkable printer. Hardware help-post your hardware support questions here macos help-operating system questions and discussion news&rumors-heard any good rumors lately?Ftp sites flight sim ian backgrounds ftp site list wolfenstein 3d games and entertainment a farewell to kings-a totally unique and original concept in solitaire all the best macgames ambrosia software castle chaos-turn-based fantasy adventure game game of the winds-solitaire mahjongg board game gamegrabber.

apple think different posters