1998: The Year of Thinking Different Book

1998: The Year of Thinking Different Book

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1998: The Year of Thinking Different 

This Limited Edition 11"x17" softbound coffee table book was available only at a special event held at the Flint Center on October 14th, 1998. It was done to commemorate the launch of the Think Different Ad Campaign.

The forward was written by Steve Jobs and the first pages show the text of the original Think Different ad, Here's to the Crazy Ones. The rest of this 47 page book illustrates many of the people that were a part of the campaign along with narratives describing each, including:

Bob Dylan
John Lennon
Martha Graham
Lucille Ball
Amelia Earhart
Albert Einstein

Jim Henson
Dalai Lama
Ansel Adams
Paul Rand
Thomas Edison

Muhammad Ali
Rosa Parks
Joan Baez
Miles Davis
Maria Callas
Buzz Aldrin

 This book is in near mint condition and is the last copy of this book for sale on the internet anywhere.